Senior column Lynne Diaz


Lynne Diaz, Photo Editor

I wish I could find the wisest person in the world to write this for me, but all I have are 18 years of experience, so here I go.
When you spend four years with a certain lifestyle, with people in a certain place, the words to say goodbye to that have to describe the immense loss yet gain, sadness yet happiness, and bitter yet sweet emotions I feel toward this experience in my life. High school has been my introduction to a lot of beautiful things and people.
Turning the page to the rest of my life, I’m most grateful to the amazing and funny memories I have gained and bookmarked, most of which I owe to the Jlab.
Thank you everyone for your moments with me, whether it was in a hang out of 10 or just me and you. Those times are moments of my life I will be able to reminisce about and that have taught me something about anything.
To quote a wise man, Bruce Lee: “If you love life, don’t waste time. For time is what life is made up of.” Thank you all for making my time here worth loving.