Senior column Amy Pham

Amy Pham, Co-Editor-In-Chief

I started high school being full-on cringy, not just because of my bowl haircut, but because I was one of those people who swore they hated everyone. At 14, with my I <3 BOOBIES bracelets and self-proclamation of being awkward, that’s all I could strive to be – someone who could only hate others.

Ironically, I also shook in the presence of others, and I struggled to find the courage to speak up, continuously wondering if my words were worthy. So I spent high school writing – journaling in my free time and journaling about others for the newspaper, in search of the validation that my words could be “worth.” I thanked the JLab for being my sanctuary.

And throughout high school, past the groggy mornings and glancing at the clock, anticipating the end of the day, the after school rehearsals and spring science projects, came the genuine realization of the abundance that the world offers. So I must learn as much as I can, before it is too late, and I must love as much as I can, before I can’t.