Anonymous confessions and secrets

Amy Pham, Co-Editor-In-Chief

•I went to see “Furious 7” with five different girls.

•I talk to my stuffed animals like they’re people.

•One time, I went into a closet and slept there for two days.

•I’ve attempted suicide.

•I’ve stayed the night at the school after a football game. Came with a sleeping bag, food, and clothing. Sleep over!

•I always seem positive, but it’s not true. I was raped during freshman year.

•I have not cursed in six years.

•I like Taylor Swift and pop music. -Manly Man

•I cheated once, and I regret it.

•I don’t feel that my friends even know or care about me.

•I told my friend she’s good at dance, but she’s actually not.

•I’m afraid of dying alone.

•When I worked at Whataburger, a patty dropped on the floor and I still served it.

•I am a bisexual and am afraid that my family will reject me and never speak to me again.

•I stepped on my dog’s tail one day. I cried because I felt so bad.

•Not a lot of people understand mental illness. I’ve been going through it for a long time, but slowly recovering.

•I dated so many guys but never kissed one…oops.

•Everytime I get money from my parents, a friend or just in general anyone, I take it to homeless people and usually tell my mom I need money for school when it’s for homeless people.

•My first year of high school, my teacher made me cry because I ate a cookie in class.

•I haven’t had a girlfriend yet. Or a first kiss.

•I’m in a relationship with someone really famous in the business world. However, I know people would judge me if I told who it was, because it would seem like I am a gold digger.

•I peed myself the first time I got intoxicated.

•Once, I took $50 from my grandmother.

•I’ve never listened to Drake or Kanye.

•I kissed a girl, and I didn’t like it.

•My GPA is a 2.9 and SAT scores are trash. Pray for me. To the editor: Please feature this in the paper so people pray for me.

To anonymous: We got you. We’re praying. -Amy, Beth, and Connie