Juniors taking Summer School Dual Credit Classes

Asher Efrem, Reporter

     Because of an increase in the number of students enrolling in advanced placement classes for their senior year, an opportunity has been presented to current juniors in order to assist with their heavy schedules. This opportunity allows for students to finish their history credit during the summer before their senior year through Richland College’s Dual Credit Summer School program.

     “I chose to take DC Gov and Econ in the summer because I was going to be free and thought this might be a good class to take just to refresh my mind,” junior Chris Shaji said. “I also didn’t want to take any social studies courses during the year when I was gonna be taking like four AP classes.”

     In taking summer school Dual Credit Government and Economics, seniors are able to free up a spot on their 2022-23 course schedule, giving them more freedom to look into and be involved in other electives presented.

     “With Government and Economics DC done, I would get a full credit spot on my school year to bridge in with something I like to do more,” junior Joshua John said. “Meaning that I can enjoy more of my senior year. Not to mention I could stack another AP course on it that’s more necessary to my career path of choice.” 

     Though more freedom and an array of opportunities being opened up are among the many benefits posed to seniors taking Economics and US Government in the summer, there lie many cons in taking this route as sacrifices are likely bound to be made. The increased busyness during the break was among common concerns.

     “Some factors that made me doubt taking these courses would be me missing a whole month of break to do these classes,” Shaji said. “I eventually came over it when I thought about how this was going to be much more beneficial for my future.”  

     Taking this DC course gives students a preview of what college is like by showing them what to expect from college classes and how to approach them.  

     “I want to improve my work ethic, and start locking down on my study patterns and career so that way I don’t start lacking and slacking off,” John said.

     For many, summer school is a fairly new thing as most would typically be relaxing and taking advantage of the break. Taking this fast-paced class is one way students can stay occupied during their time off.  

     “I think at the end of this course, I’ll look back and see that this was a great decision all together,” John said.