Raider Echo 2020 Election Endorsements

Raider Echo Staff

With the 2020 election in full force, battles for numerous seats are set for November 2nd. Our staff is one of  progressive thinkers who prioritize increasing quality of life for disenfranchised communities. So what does this mean?

Our state has long been run by candidates who have shown that they are not here to truly benefit the lives of working Texans. By way of equitizing school resources, increasing accessibility to healthcare, housing reform that utilizes our land and open homes, we can make drastic changes for many Texans. Issues even greater to us revolve around addressing the climate crisis by using new measures to prioritize clean energy and new jobs. Multitudes of other issues such as immigration, systemic change in our aggressive incarceration process, extensive law enforcement funds reallocation and attention to social services, are greatly important. 

In large, we need to make use of the wealth we see Texas produce by redistributing this money. The wealth gap shows that we’ve allowed corporations to take advantage of the large labor and resource supply in Texas without paying their fair share in uplifting the communities that nurtured such economic success. 

Below are our state and local election endorsements: