School spirit

Eden Amberber, Writer

At last weeks’ game against Greenville, the game came to a close 24 to 21, a win for Greenville.

“It was a good game, but bad score,” sophomore Aaron Gonzalez said.

When looking up from the stands, sophomore Anthony Soledad said he sees a rise in school spirit.

“[It looks] as though the players are trying harder this year but I still think that more people should go to the games,” Soledad said.

Both agree that if more people came to the football games then, “NG would rock!” Some people said that last years’ season could have been better if we had more supporters.

“If more people went to last years’ games then I think our team would’ve been capable of winning [some],” Gonzalez said. “This year will be our year,” Soledad said. “I can feel it.”