SRO Takes On No Shave November

Hannah Majerczyk, Reporter

A mustache and slight beard rest near School Resource Officer Steve
Schnoebelen friendly smile. Officer Schnoebelen is participating in No Shave November, a trend to help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer.

“[It’s] kinda like where they wear pink in October for Breast Cancer,”
Schnoebelen said.

Within the police department, officers are able to grow beards on this special
occasion, since they aren’t normally allowed to, to help donate to men’s cancer prevention research.

“For one, it’s kinda fun,” Schnoebelen said. “We have a contest in the police
department where you take a picture of the first day and take a picture on the last day, and we put the pictures up and you can donate money. We then give that money to men’s cancer.”

Prostate Cancer is the number one cancer affecting men, according to the American Cancer Society. Awareness for it takes place during the month of November.

“It’s something like with Women’s Breast Cancer early detection so we can take care of it,” Schnoebelen said. “That’s one of the reasons they raise money to get men to understand; it’s hard to get men to go to the hospital because we think we’re too tough. Prostate cancer is common and early detection will usually take care of things.”

Schnoebelen’s personal connection to cancer is one of the reasons he participates in the event.

“I don’t know anyone who has had prostate cancer, but I had an uncle die from leukemia,” Schnoebelen said. “I do it to help. Anything to help.”

At the end of the month, Schnoebelen plans to shave the beard off, but plans to grow a beard later on.

“I could keep it,” Schnoebelen said. “But it itches. There’s a certain part where it grows a certain length it’ll start itching. I’ve been in uniform since I was 18 so I’ve never had a beard I can grow a mustache for the police department, but I never got to grow a beard. Probably when I retire I’ll quit shaving because I hate shaving.”

Schnoebelen hopes to inspire the students with his beard so they understand what No Shave November represents.

“I have a lot of students come up and ask, and be like ‘Oh my gosh you have
a mustache,’” Schnoebelen said. “I’ll be like ‘Yeah, I just got it today I’m trying it on.’ I’ll tell them it’s for men’s cancer awareness for No Shave November, so at least they know about it now.”