London Misconceptions

Eden Amberber, Reporter

Landing on a faraway land after a ten hour flight, she thinks about the amazing and weird things she has heard about this foreign land. Looking out of the busy airport, she hears new accents, sees new clothing trends, and smells new aromas.

Last summer, sophomore Michelle Juby flew across the Atlantic Ocean to London, England. Juby used to live in England as a kid and went to look back and reminisce where she used to live.

“I have a lot of family there,” Juby said. “It’s like my second home.”

There are stereotypes that do not only focus on characteristics, but also appearance, regarding the British- like how they have bad teeth.

“I know a dentist personally from there, [and] I brought up the tooth stereotype,” Juby said. “Then he pointed at a patient and said ‘Sheila smile!’ and the women had perfect teeth, and he was like ‘that’s how her teeth were from birth!’”

Juby says that people from London are really inquisitive, and they are not afraid to tell anyone if they are doing something wrong. She says, they are really good at recognizing foreigners and are always excited to help them.

“They think that we’re really interesting, they don’t know a lot about us,” Juby said. “They aren’t afraid to just come up to you and say ‘you’re not from here.’”

One thing that was hard for Juby to get used to was driving on the left side of the road. She said it was confusing and always felt like she was driving on the wrong side.

“I would look out the front window and just have a little panic attack like ‘We’re going to crash!,’” Juby said. “It was definitely something I had to get accustomed to.”

Juby shared that once when she went to a restaurant, she met a man who hated tea and crumpets, another British diet stereotype.

“The funniest thing I saw was a fat man walking with two wiener dogs [when] this teenager was skateboarding,” Juby said. “The guy totally freaked out and was ranting. It was amazing, I started crying [because] I was laughing so hard.”

Juby says that another thing the British love are American television shows. They are fans of criminal shows like NCIS, CSI, and Castle.They love American celebrities and artists just like we do.

“I remember I brought over a disc of Charmed, it’s a really old American TV show, I had the entire box set and a few of my family and friends came over,” Juby said. “I put it on in my room to put myself to sleep ‘cause it was a long day. And I swear, before I’d gotten halfway into the first episode, there was like 20 people cramped on my little twin-sized bed. They flipped out, they really loved it!”

From this trip, Juby says she learned many new things and created incredible memories that she will cherish forever. She still cherishes all the new things she learned and is always longing to go back.

“I had a British accent for a while, but sadly I didn’t take that back with me,” Juby said. “I loved [London], I definitely would love to live there in the future.”