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Seniors’ Path to Graduation

Seniors’ Path to Graduation

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

October 31, 2017

Each year around the country about 3.6 million seniors graduate high school. Many of these young adults debate going to college, joining the armed forces, or working for a company right away. As of 2016, 69.7 percent of high school graduates were enrolled in colleges and universities. However, it can...

Alm’Bria Reese

Alm'Bria Reese

Lillian Tram and Edith Perez

March 28, 2017

"I’m planning to go to Richland College after graduation. I’m going to be there for a couple of years to get a better GPA and then I’m going to head out to a [Chicago university]. I don’t want to be in Texas for too long. [Chicago] has a program for studying abroad, and all the places that they...

Jacob Meyer

Jacob Meyer

Emily Molden, Photo Editor

December 9, 2016

"Going to college and being successful is what I am most looking forward to about graduating. I think my favorite part of college will be [the] new experiences. But I will miss my high school friends when I graduate," Jacob Meyer, 12.

STAAR Testing Problematic

STAAR Testing Problematic

Riley Sims, Reporter

November 3, 2016

If you have attended a school in Texas, you know what the STAAR test is. The STAAR test has been given to students since spring of 2012, when it replaced the TAKS test. The test is supposed to be a way to show a student’s progress, but many argue that it is actually a tool to determine if  studen...

Senior column Beth Mauthe

Senior column Beth Mauthe

Beth Mauthe, Copy Editor

May 13, 2016

It’s crazy, looking back at the four years I’ve spent in high school, to realize that I’m graduating in only a few weeks. And now, with two younger siblings both in high school as of next year, I’m excited for them to experience all the good and the bad that accompanies high school. Joining...

Tips for getting through senior year (without spending hundreds)

Brittany Davis, Reporter

March 20, 2015

Start planning early: Give yourself a budget and stick to it. Seriously consider if you need to buy senior items (shirts, hoodies, class ring, etc.): Remember that senior year is only one year, so do not buy things you will not use in the future. Buy the basic graduation pic package: If you do no...

Early graduation

Early graduation

Beth Mauthe, Reporter

November 6, 2014

Going from freshman to senior year can be a great experience for students: participating in school activities, enjoying tight-knit friendships and working toward a brighter future. But for Megha Patel, junior and senior year have become one in the same and her high school experience will end a year early....