Safety, security high priorities in school rules

Hannah Majerczyk, Reporter

Students are required to wear clothing and follow rules in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. When it comes to why these rules were made, Assistant Principal Robert Quach said it boils down to one simple thing. Safety.

Schools do not make the rules, the school district does. The principals may tweak the rules to fit their campus, but they do not make them.

“Basically the district outlines [the Student Code of Conduct] for us,” Quach said. “So things such as earrings, hair color and appropriate length of dresses are outlined for us.”

In regards to changes, tattoos have been allowed in the school environment since last school year.

“All inappropriate tattoos must be covered at all times while in the school or at school-related events,” Quach said. “I’ve seen some tattoos. As long as it’s not a distraction, it should be okay.”

Headphones are also now allowed, as long as any hazards can be heard.

“Well you gotta remember also that we have about 2,700 students in the passing period and you can’t hear someone call your name, or let’s say there’s a security incident,” Quach said. “So it’s all about safety and security of the students. At least have one [earbud] out. You know, that’s not something I would die on. It’s a security safety.”

The reasons behind each and every rule are narrowed down by safety and protection.

“It’s all about safety and security for the school and students,” Quach said. “Because when your parents send you to school every day, their expectation is that we send you home every day. All the little things whether it be earbuds or phones or hair color, that is all part of what we have to do to keep the distractions down in the learning environment.”