Hurricane Dorian Hits Carolinas

Devorah Segura, Reporter

With the impacts of Hurricane Dorian missing Florida, neighboring coasts have been on edge on when it might strike again. Hurricane Dorian was Category 3 storm Tuesday, then dropping to Category 2 before gaining strength on Wednesday night. Extreme winds were up to 60 miles from the center of the hurricane, with tropical storm winds reaching up to 195 miles. As of early Thursday morning, the South Carolina Emergency Management Divison claimed there were about 200,000 power outages statewide. Hurricane warnings were issued from the Carolina coasts all the way to Virginia, with potentially life-threatening storm surges. The storm’s arrival on Thursday is predicted to push water up coastal rivers causing low-lying areas to flood. Hurricane Dorian is also estimated to bring in 6 to 12 inches of rain for the coasts of the Carolinas. A federal state of emergency was issued in North Carolina, with nearly 8,000 troops across Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida positioned across the state for an impact of emergency. North Carolina’s medical examiner announcing the first storm-related death being an 85-year-old man in Columbus County while preparing his house for Hurricane Dorian. Now making the total death toll for Hurricane Dorian 21, accounting for the 20 fatalities in the Bahamas.