Senior column SaSchel Moore

SaSchel Moore, Reporter

I experienced some of the best and worst times of my life in high school. I met my best friends here. I met my family here. Most of all, I found out who I was here.
Without high school, I wouldn’t have discovered that I am an optimist, or that I get crazy anxiety from the breakfast lines in the morning. (I know it’s weird, don’t ask).
Without this institution that is called high school, I wouldn’t have found the JLab where I had some of my most intense arguments and experienced one of the most intense relationships of my adolescent life.
I would have never joined AVID, a program where I found myself in a time where I didn’t think there was a “me” worth finding.
It was in high school that I experienced the things that prepared me to be the “me” that will lay the foundation for the rest of my life.