Addiction to the Tunes

Patty Castillo, Reporter

Senior Ryan Coronado’s musical journey began at a young age. When night terrors led to trouble sleeping and trouble sleeping led to writing.

“I started writing when I was 9, but at first they were just little stories,” Coronado said. “I used to read manga and I’d write my own. I would write about the stuff I saw too, because I had bad night terrors. I started writing actual music almost two years ago.”

Although this passion seems to have come recently, Coronado said he was not influenced by any musicians when he started writing music.

“I was never really inspired by any artist,” Coronado said. “I just wanted to make music, and after that, I got addicted.”

His goals for the future are to go on tour with his friends and continue to make music.

“I write everyday,” Coronado said. “If I learn something new that day, I write it down before I go to bed. My friends will send me beats, and I’ll write to them.”

His writing is influenced by his personal ideas about life.

“I have learned that love is dead, and everyone now just wants a reason to hate somebody else,” Coronado said.

He has always learned on his own and continues to grow in his own way. He said he makes it clear that others do not affect the way he feels about his music.

“I do not hear or see anyone, because I am so consumed [with] my future,” said Coronado. “I do not really care. If they have negative feedback, that is okay. If it is positive, I feel the love.”

Coronado now has the support of his family, but it did not come fully at first. Although his mother is on the fence about his career choice, Coronado knows this is what he will always aspire to accomplish.

“My mom is skeptical about my career choice, because she thinks I can do something better, but my dad likes my music,” Coronado said. “[My dad and I] always listened to the same music all the time, so we kinda have the same music taste.”

Coronado said he makes music in hopes of making sure people do not hesitate in making themselves heard.

“I want to be the voice for the people that have never been heard,” Coronado said. “For the kids struggling to get their voice out there.”