Fun and Easy Bracelet Weaving DIY


Julius Perez, Reporter

This simple craft is a fun, cheap and easy way to pass the time while creating something that looks great. This method of bracelet making lets you mix and match a variety of colors and patterns and is also a great gift idea.

You will need: Scissors, a pencil, a ruler, string/yarn (preferably different colors), and a cardboard circle 4″ across with 8 equally spaces notches on the sides and a hole punched in the middle.
Cut exactly seven pieces of string that are all one foot long. Line them up and tie one end together.
Thread the bundle through the hole in the middle and place each string in each notch. You should have one string per notch and one notch left open.
Using the open notch as the reference point take the third string down, remove it from its notch and place it into the empty notch.
Repeat the step above using the new open notch as the new reference point to find the next third string to move.
Repeat this step until the bracelet starts to form.
You should see the forming bracelet start to come out the back of the circle.
Repeat the steps until one of the strings become too short to fit into the notches. Carefully remove all the strings and tie the end.
Congratulations, you have a finished bracelet! Looks good. Experiment with different string lengths, types, colors, beads, and notch placement patterns to create endless varieties.