DIY Flower Wall


Ingrid Vanegas, Reporter

Learn how to make your own flower wall decoration!




The materials needed for this DIY are a stick, it can be any size you want, yarn, a variety of artificial flowers, pine cones and a hot glue gun.


Taking your stick, began to glue your pine cones in any arrangement you’d like.


Once you are done gluing the pine cones, tie the yarn around the branch. The number of strings depends on how many flowers you want. I chose to tie five strings.


Now take your artificial flowers, I had four sets in total, and begin to pull the flowers off the wiring. Do this to all of the flowers.


Now, using your hot glue gun begin to glue the flowers onto the yarn. I also chose to use the leaves but you can choose to just use the flowers.


Add your flowers and leaves on all the strings until you have the amount you like. I chose to glue three flowers and one leaf to each string.
Once your done adding the flowers, you’re done!