Music Review: ‘Lake Effect Kid’

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

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Fall Out Boy’s new EP, “Lake Effect Kid,” released Aug. 23 and consists of three new songs inspired by their demo created in 2008 with the same name. The announcement came as much of a surprise to fans who were still recovering from the band’s seventh album, “Mania,” which released Jan. 19 of this year.


Fall Out Boy tweeted, “This is our love letter to Chicago,” to announce the new arrival. Throughout the EP, the band references their hometown and the reasons why it’s special to them.


In the title song, “Lake Effect Kid,” they describe how they will always be from The Windy City. The lyrics contain the phrases,“Oh, I’ve got the skyline in my veins,” and “Forever a Lake Effect Kid,” and let listeners understand how deep their Chicago pride is.


The theme continues throughout the EP in the song, “Super Fade,” which is unlike any other song they’ve released. It has a unique ambiance and experiments with different beats and sounds that are very current and fresh. The song builds to a climactic moment until it hits the lyric, “The world can get my bones, but Chicago gets my soul.” This shows how their Chicago upbringing has shaped the band into who they are today.


“City in a Garden,” is an upbeat song about owing Chicago for everything the band has accomplished. The song begins with the words, “Take me home,” and pays tribute to their hometown with lyrics like, “I love you Chicago,” and “You’re the one true thing.” 


To kick off the newly released EP and celebrate their album Mania, on Sep. 8 and 9, Fall out Boy had an, “opening up #theManiaexperience,” which they said contained, “12 different spaces for you to walk through,” which included different rooms with anything from a giant purple wave, to music boxes with unreleased remixes and covers in them. The band described it to be, “an analog experience of the album,” which provided attendees with a full body experience through textures, sounds and visuals. Fall Out Boy constantly makes their fans feel fully immersed in their music and their life, and that’s why they remain prominent in the music industry.

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