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By the Numbers

Tameciah Griffin, Reporter

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With recent headlines about politics and entertainment, we wanted to get students’ opinion on music, Donald Trump and Pixar movie “Coco”, which recently earned a Golden Globe. This, is BY THE NUMBERS.

Do you think Trump is a racist?

“I think he is another Hitler,”said junior Misty Rico

Do you think Pixar movie should have won a Golden Globe?

” I like it because it represents, Mexican,Latino culture and a Disney movie I can relate to,” said junior Damian Gonzalez

how do you listen to your music?

“Real song from real artist and not a cover,” junior Cydney Garrelts

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Tameciah Griffin, Reporter

I'm 17 years old and I'm also in 11th grade.
I'm really honest and will tell you off if needed. (JK!)
I enjoy books with lots of drama, action and maybe...

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