Junior Named Hispanic Athlete of the Month

Braedon Harris, Reporter

Varsity basketball player, junior Daisy Rosales was announced the Hispanic Athlete of the Month by Telemundo News.  


“I was surprised when I first found out,” Rosales said. ”I was like, ‘Me?’, I thought I was just a regular person, but I guess they look up to me. I was at work when my coach called me.  She said I was going to be interviewed.”


After receiving the news, Rosales said her parents were very proud.


“I left work that day and I went home to tell my mom,” Rosales said.  “Then I had to drive to the boxing gym to tell my dad, because he was training my brother.  He told me that it better be good, because I was interrupting.”


Rosales’ parents had very different reactions, but were both excited for their daughter in the end.


“I told him that I got the top hispanic athlete, and at first he didn’t believe me,” Rosales said.  “Then I showed him the email that Coach Martin sent us and he was like, ‘that’s my girl.’  My mom, she believed me. She said she knew I was going to get that.”


Rosales’ teammates are also proud, and have encouraged her throughout the year.


“Everyone else on the team was actually pretty happy for me,” Rosales said.  “They said I’m out there, that I stand out a lot.”


Since Rosales attended Sachse freshman year, she was put on the junior varsity team last year.  Despite her late arrival, she has become an important member of the varsity team this year.


“I play post and got second team All-District this year,” Rosales said.  “I was also one of the top ten rebounders this year.”


Basketball is not the only sport that Rosales plays.  Rosales also plays soccer and softball along with boxing and mixed martial arts.


“I’ve always been playing sports,” Rosales said.  “I’ve been boxing for eight years, playing soccer for 12, softball for five, mixed martial arts for five, and this will be my fifth year in basketball.  Sports are really important to me.”


Rosales was introduced to the world of sports by her father.  He noticed that she liked to run and play games, and pointed her in the right direction.


“I got into soccer, because at one point my dad told me that I would like it, and when I first touched the field I fell in love with it,” Rosales said. “I got into it [basketball], because after soccer I didn’t know what to do. I was bored, so my coach was like let’s do basketball. Boxing, I don’t like the hits, but I do it because of my dad.  He loves it and my family loves it.  My brother, he’s a pro boxer, so I’m proud of him.  One day I’ll get there.”