Dustin Barth


Edith Perez, Graphic Design Editor

“I have summer school for the first month of June [but] then kind of all bets are off. I’m definitely going to do something during July [but] haven’t just decided what yet. I’m looking to just [see] what airline tickets are cheapest and just take a trip wherever it is, just random. Southwest does a bunch of deals every once a while like $50 flights every weekend. I’m just going to look and see what’s available and do that, and just go wherever it goes, so just doing some adventures. I’m going to get out there and maybe a couple weekends do something fun but nothing big or a long trip plan [because] we start [school] back in August. We don’t have too much summer, but it’s going to be fun while it last, for sure,” Dustin Barth, Science Teacher.