Lei Andrea Ramirez

Riley Sims and Edith Perez

“Well I have had difficult friendships in my life that I had to overcome because it is hard. You know you should trust your friend’s, right, and they need to be valuable to you. But sometimes friendships can be difficult to handle, especially like you would usually think of that in an actual romantic relationship, [but] with friendships it’s just as hard because it’s difficult to get out of friendships that you value a lot, but sometimes they can be unhealthy for you. So it’s important to know whether or not a friendship is healthy. It’s crucial to your overall healthy well-being. I had to overcome quite a few relationships that were unhealthy to me because it was really dependent and everything. The only way I got out of it was when [I left]. Sometimes it is just important to manage your relationships carefully, ”Lei Andrea Ramirez, Junior.