3 by 3: Raiders Voice Opinions on Vaping

A California man has died from lung-disease which has been connected to vaping. This would be the 7th death in the nation due to vaping-related lung illness. I asked 3 raiders to share their opinions on vaping.

“Vaping was created for people who need help with their addiction to cigarettes, so I don’t think young people should vape but more or less leave it to the people it was created for.” Melanie Perez, 11.


“I think that it’s weird how they want to prevent vaping rather than guns, because guns have killed way more people than the juul. It’s easier to get a gun than a juul.” Monse Serna, 12.


“I don’t agree with vaping, I know it’s very bad for your health. Guns are killing more people than vaping and they should try to prevent, of course vaping, but also gun control. They should take care of that before they take care of vaping.” Grace Duran, 12.