3 By 3: Raiders On Protest Shutdown at Hong Kong Airport

Ingrid Vanegas, Reporter

On August 12, 2019, the Hong Kong airport shut down due to the concerns about the amount of protests happening. The protests were following an extradition law that ultimately allowed deportation of people in Hong Kong to territory where they have no formal agreements with. As more people began to rebel, the airport became polluted with protesters, causing a safety hazard, which led to the shut down of airport flights. I asked 3 Raiders for their opinion on the shut down and whether it was necessary or not.


“The reason why the airport is being shut down is so outside influences can’t come in and upset what’s going on inside.” Chris McMillan, AP World History teacher.


“I think it is fair because here in the U.S. there is freedom of press, I don’t know about Hong Kong, but I think what they were protesting was correct because if it had gone to that point then there was reason behind it.” Laura Vu, 11.



“I guess it’s unfortunate but it’s also for the safety of others and I understand why it’s been put in place.” Linda Hermann, Facilitator Aide.