Thoughts on the Children in the Detention Centers

Madai Martinez, Reporter

The topic of children being held in detention centers has become more relevant in the recent months due to the questionable conditions they are being kept in. I asked 3 seniors about their thoughts.




“I don’t think it’s fair that kids our age have to take care of younger kids.” said senior Nicole Padilla. “If the government knows that the little kids don’t have somebody to take care of them, then they shouldn’t separate them from their parents. I feel like the government should accept help from the outside, instead of denying it, if they say that they don’t have enough resources to take care of the kids.”






“They’re kids they barely speak English, they barely even speak one language, some don’t even speak at all,” said senior Robert Morales. “They’re still babies and they’re growing up inside those centers. Turning down the donations from people that are willing to help is not right at all. These kids came from a place they barely know, to a whole different place where they’re treated so inhumanely.”






“I just think it’s messed up how they are taken away from their families.” said senior Santos Hernandez.  “They’re just children they deserve good living conditions.”