Reminder: Storm Area 51 Tomorrow

Julius Perez, Reporter

Over the summer a Facebook Events post called on people to sign up to storm Area 51, the infamous and highly classified United States Air Force base. There have been countless conspiracies as to what is hidden in the desert base from research into highly advanced technologies to ideas that the base hides intelligent alien lifeforms. This is what the event claims its purpose is, to storm into the base to “see them aliens.”

What originally began as a joke became a sweeping internet phenomenon. Countless memes, jokes, and discussions sprung up around the event during the summer over how outrageous the idea was.

All this media attention caused several million people to sign up for the original event post online. It has also caught the attention of the US government and the personel at the base which have led to actual presentations discussing the course of action if this event were to actually take place. It is unlikely that millions of people will raid a desert base but a few are quite serious about it. There have been posts online documenting planning and logistics of the raid to posts asking if anyone wants to carpool.

Like all internet trends, the hype has died down severely since the summer post and many have forgotten about the supposed raid. The original post scheduled the event for Sep. 20, 2019.