Reader: Teens Take Action Against Climate Change

Climate change is quickly becoming a major issue in todays society. As human consumption of fossil fuels continues to rise, Earth is being suffocated by our hand. Students are becoming aware of this problem and are taking actions against it. High school students worldwide are said to skip classes Friday, September 19th, to protest for immediate action against climate change. This march is directed specifically at adults who they say are ignoring climate change and not taking any action.

The Global Climate Strike will occur through September 20-27th where students and workers will walk out in order to support the end of the fossil fuel age. Younger kids are worried for their future and for their future children’s future. In fact, some teens are refusing to have children until something has been done. They fear that they’re children might not have a future and will always live in constant anxiety of the continuing damage inflicted on our planet.

As our society slowly grows, problems and issues occur and it’s up to us to decide whether we let that affect us or if we stand up for our planet and fight this ongoing battle. This fight is not limited to adults but also to children who care about their future and plan to take action to ensure a future, for not only us, but our future kids who will be able to go outside and smell the fresh air.