Man-made “Stars” Advertise in Space

Katie Keovongphet, Reporter

StartRocket is a Russian company created as early as January 2019 that plans to launch satellites with the purpose of advertising company logos in space. The plan is to have the satellites form together and create company logo “constellations,” as BBC news puts it. StartRocket hopes to be able to light up the night sky with a peace sign by 2021.

The CEO of StartRocket, Vlad Sitnikov, was inspired by the Humanity Star, a “disco ball” launched into space in January 2018, that ended its space adventure much earlier than most people expected. While Sitnikov is highly anticipating the launch of the satellites and creation of space advertisements, many are against the idea of adding more “junk” into space.

John Crassidis, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University at Buffalo said, “Putting more satellites up there is going to cause more opportunities for collisions, and we don’t want that happening.”

While StartRocket’s success will remain a mystery for a few more years, we most likely won’t be seeing any man-made stars from the U.S. due to the ban on space-based advertising that traces back to 1993.