Alabama High School Removes Restroom Doors in Response to Vaping

Katie Keovongphet, Reporter

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A student passed out while vaping in a high school restroom in Florence, Alabama. According to NBC news, Wilson High School’s principal Gary Horton decided to remove the stall doors two weeks after the incident to lessen cases of students skipping class to vape in the school restrooms.

The stall doors have only been removed in the boys’ restroom, and Horton claims that the removal of stall doors is temporary until they find an alternative solution.

The Center for Disease and Control Prevention states that e-cigarettes have been the most commonly used tobacco product among U.S. teens since 2014, further urging the principal to keep the recent changes. Although this may seem like a positive change for the principal, many parents are against removing the stall doors.

“They take [away] their only private place in the school that they can do their business,” mom Rachel Munsey said.

With an increasing population of students that vape, preventing more cases could begin by implementing similar changes in schools that also face this problem.