Shipping Babies: Is it Right?

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

Baby boxes are slots made into the wall of fire stations meant to save infants from being abandoned. They are heated, padded, incubator-style holes in a wall with an internal alarm that tells firefighters to pick up the child placed inside. The average response time to the alarm is two minutes and 15 seconds by officials. Although they were made with good intentions, the morality of these boxes has been met with both criticism and support.

There’s a negative connotation associated with these boxes. People shouldn’t have the ability to give up their child blindly without consequence.

Indiana has seven of these boxes in place, and at least 11 European nations have implemented them, along with other countries like South Korea to help with the problem of abandonment of newborns. According to an article by the Los Angeles Times, 22,000 babies are abandoned in hospitals each year.

People can still drop off their child anonymously to a service official, such as a firefighter or police officer, without any questions asked making it unnecessary to construct boxes that cost between $1,500 to $2,000. Without the boxes, parents still have the option to save their child and can ensure that they receive the care they deserve.

Having these boxes allows people to give up their babies and not have to get the medical attention that both the parent and child could possibly require. If a woman walked into a hospital and left directly after giving birth it would be considered unsafe and consequences can prove fatal. Baby boxes are potentially enabling parents to be irresponsible with their own health and the health of their abandoned child.

These boxes are excusing people from the interaction and humanity involved in giving up one’s child to someone else.

Children will still be misplaced even when parents are given another opportunity to save their child, therefore, the boxes are an overall a waste instead of an investment.

While keeping babies off of doorsteps and out of dumpsters is fundamentally important, the responsibility to give a child a better future shouldn’t be as easy as shipping mail.