Girl Scout Cookie Knockoffs

Riley Sims, Reporter

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It is Girl Scout Cookie season and people are rushing to buy their share. However, nowadays it seems much easier to get ahold of Girl Scout cookies year-round with alternative cookie brands manufacturing cookies that taste exactly like some of the classic flavors. Girl Scouts also started selling cereal. When I was a Girl Scout, I remember having to wait until the cookie season started to get a box. You would either have to track down a Girl Scout who was selling them or try to find a troop selling them at a store. It had more value and tradition. Today, it feels like the cookies are losing value and remaining uncherished.
The Girl Scouts of the United States was founded in 1912, by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. They eventually expanded and brought together girls from all around the country to learn about confidence and character. They started selling cookies five years later to help raise money for troop activities. Today, the Girl Scout cookie business has continued to grow. They have even started Digital Cookie, a website to sell their cookies.
With companies selling cookies that taste the same as Girl Scout flavors, cookie sales have been hurt. Consumers see the cookies being sold in stores as cheaper and more convenient and don’t buy from the Girl Scouts. Even though Girl Scouts created the original version of the cookie, as more people buy from others, Girl Scouts lose money while businesses are gaining the lost profit.
Some argue that consumers buy off-brand cookies when it isn’t cookie season or when they can’t find sellers. However, finding real Girl Scout cookies is faster than ever. The Girl Scouts even have an app to find cookies nearby.
There is a long-standing tradition with Girl Scout cookies that cannot be replaced. However, with store brands selling cheap replicas, people are starting to lean towards buying the alternatives. When you’re buying Girl Scout cookies, you are not only buying the cookie, you are supporting a troop. At the end of the day, the support you provide is a lot more than what a store brand knockoff could ever provide.