Yuck! Food dislikes among students

Eden Amberber, Reporter

“Brussel sprouts, they taste nasty and my mom always burns them in the oven,” -freshman Nicole Espinosa

“I don’t like mashed potatoes. It reminds me of baby food,” -sophomore Feba Gerzim

“I like animals, so I don’t like to eat [meat],” -freshman Abby Casas

“I hate mustard, because [it’s] way too sour and yellow,” -freshman Nafeesa Abiola

“Sour cream, it’s like I’m drinking really thick, nasty Ranch,” -sophomore Xzavier Roberts

“Asparagus, it just creeps me out,” -sophomore Jacob Meyer

“I hate pickles. Once I ate a sandwich with pickle slices in it and threw up,” -sophomore Angelica Chavez

“Liver, it’s slimy, doesn’t go down right and smells bad too,” -sophomore Augusta Oparaji

“Oysters, they taste like rubber,” -sophomore Jason Paul

“I like tomatoes, but don’t like ketchup,” -sophomore Tiffany Pin

“Chitlins [pig intestines] because it stinks and when I eat it it feels like a dead animal is in my mouth,” -sophomore Chardonney Reed