Seniors Address Prom Prices

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

Due to speculation by seniors about the prices for prom tickets this year being high, seniors are selling cookie dough and jumping through some last-minute hoops to lower the price which is estimated to be between $90-$105 per person.

According to an article by Promsie regarding tips and advice for prom and other school functions, tickets generally cost from as little as $30-$35 per couple at smaller schools and go up to $90-$100 per couple for bigger campuses.

Senior Leila Atumah is the Secretary of Fundraising for Prom Committee and said many steps are being taken to ensure the pricing for prom stays relatively affordable for students.

“We have to do the cookie fundraisers that are supposed to give us the most money of all of our other fundraisers and multiple concession stand opportunities,” Atumah said. “We also have the food fundraisers, so probably twice a month we have a fundraiser at different restaurants and also the senior-staff basketball game.”

According to Atumah, this year’s prom is at Southfork Ranch located in Parker, TX, but the word “ranch” shouldn’t scare off attendees.

“It’s technically a ranch, but it doesn’t look like one, and it’s like a ballroom on the inside,” Atmuah said.
Atumah believes ticket prices are actually very realistic compared to other schools in Garland.
“It should be between anywhere from $90-$105 per person,” Atumah said. “Most prom tickets in our area are anywhere from $60-$300, so our price is a happy medium.”

Atumah said prom ticket price rumors are not helping the price go down and are hurting those who are trying their best to lower them.

“The people that talk about prom tickets being too expensive don’t actually help us fundraise for prom,” Atumah said.

For junior Daniela Herrera, the alleged high price is what’s keeping her from attending prom this year.

“They should reduce [the price] a little bit, because prom is really important for high schoolers,” Herrera said. “I don’t think it’s worth it to spend so much money.”

Herrera said the idea of prom being at a ranch really isn’t the most appealing to her.

“Everybody has their fancy shoes, fancy dresses and just celebrating at a ranch. I don’t find it very nice,” Herrera said.

Herrera believes spending a lot of money on the dance alone is wasteful considering other items must be purchased for the event as well.

“There [are] a lot of other things that I’m spending my money on, like the dress and makeup,” Herrera said.