The Missing Raider Rowdies

Emily Molden

Riley Sims, Reporter

The school has now gone nearly an entire year without the Raider Rowdies. Administration still has not found a sponsor willing to take charge. Every organization is required to have a sponsor. The blackout pep rally was the last one of the year, and there were no Raider Rowdies to perform. This makes one full year without them at pep rallies. With the end of the year coming up, it leaves people wondering if there will be Raider Rowdies next year. There were students who wanted to try out this year and were unable to, which left them joining other spirit organizations.

“I am only certain of one senior that expressed interest,” said Vice Principal Natasha Shaw. “I have seen that student with another group. I am glad that they were able to get involved and display their Raider pride.”

There is still a possibility of the Raider Rowdies next year, if a sponsor is willing to step up.