A Long Way From Germany

A Long Way From Germany

Courtesy of Marvin Dolle

Gabriella Rodriguez-Sanchez, Reporter

A hop, a skip and a jump away from home. Or in this case, a plane ride. It’s a big adjustment coming from a foreign country to America, and sophomore Marvin Dolle decided to do just that for his education.

Dolle is a foreign exchange student from Germany currently attending school here to better his education in English.

“I was always a fan of the USA, and I always wanted to come here,” Dolle said. “There was an information meeting at my school in Germany that gave me the information about transferring.”

According to Dolle, moving here will help improve his linguistic skills and understanding of America.

“I came so I could learn the culture and better my English since I knew it would benefit me,” Dolle said.

He said one of his favorite things about moving to the U.S. is being able to have new experiences.

“I love playing tennis every day,” Dolle said. “In Germany, we couldn’t do that since tennis is not really popular.”

Dolle said that being in America has come with its adjustments, but he has been working hard to not let them hinder him.

“It’s different but not that hard for me to learn,” Dolle said. “I think my English is pretty well, and I’m doing fine in my classes.”

U.S. History teacher Demedia Brown has Dolle as a student in her class and said he does his tasks and is very attentive.

“He works hard, and he always asks a buddy if he has a question,” Brown said. “If his partner can’t answer the question, he asks me instead.”

Brown said Dolle’s favorite part of American history to learn currently is the Gilded Age.

“During this time period, America looked very good and it was prospering, but on the inside it was corrupt,” Brown said. “He can relate to being new to a country and thinking that it is great but realizing that there are problems within it.”

According to Brown, Dolle has adjusted easily to attending school in the U.S., and specifically, going to North Garland.

“He’s just like anybody else here,” Brown said. “If you didn’t know he was an exchange student, you would just see him as a North Garland Raider.”