Basketball Player Accepts Offer to Play on Collegiate Level

Braedon Harris, Reporter

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Walking off the unfamiliar campus, senior Alexis Chapman never thought she’d find herself here.


Chapman, a varsity basketball player, will be going to the University of Northern Colorado to compete in women’s Division 1 basketball.  After visiting the campus, she received an athletic scholarship that will pay for her college education.


“When I first found out I was getting a scholarship I was excited,” Chapman said.  “I was in shock because I didn’t think I was going to get a scholarship.  It was scary, because that’s when it became real to me.”


The University of Northern Colorado athletic department competes in the Big Sky conference, one of the 32 Division 1 conferences in the NCAA.  They started the season 3-0, the team’s best conference start since joining in 2006.  They ended the season 22-8, finishing third in the conference.  Coming onto the team, Chapman has high expectations.  


“Going into college is going to be a difficult transition that’s for sure,” Chapman said.  “But it’s worth it. I mean I’m getting free school.”


Other colleges contacted Chapman, but they never followed through.  She didn’t know what she was going to do until she received the scholarship during her visit to Northern Colorado.  A handful of other schools had reached out to her, but she had only received one other scholarship offer.


“My recruiting process hadn’t been going that well,” Chapman said.  “I wasn’t getting many looks from different schools.  Some colleges were looking at me and then [changed their mind].”


Chapman started playing basketball in elementary school.  It stuck with her, and she continued playing through high school and now, into college.  Chapman feels that high school has prepared her as both a student and an athlete.


Playing basketball in high school has helped give her some skills she feels will be helpful going into college.  She was always a natural leader, and basketball gave her the chance to focus on her skills.


“I’ve always been a leader,” Chapman said.  “Coming in, the team wasn’t that good so I had to step up and carry the team on my back.”


Despite being prepared, Chapman knows that college will be a much different experience.


“All the players are going to be good,” Chapman said.  “It is not just going to be me that’s good. Sometimes when I’m playing, I’m the best person on the court, and playing in college I’m not going to be the best person on the court anymore.”


Coming into high school, the coaches played a large role in Chapman’s life.  They realized what she was capable of, and helped her improve.


“The coaches have always been pushing me,” Chapman said.  “[When] I was a freshman they put me on varsity.  [Them] just telling me, ‘You’re good, you can make this,’ just made me feel like I could actually make it.”


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