When Parents Work Holidays


emily molden

Riley Sims, Reporter

For some, the holiday season is about spending time as a family, though for sophomore Truong Nguyen, only part of her Christmases are focused on her family.

Many students have parents who work on the holidays and do not get to see them on these special days. While others may think it is sad, these students say they have been handling these situations for years, and have found new traditions.

Nguyen’s mom works at a nail salon on Christmas every year. As a result, her holiday celebrations are somewhat different.

“Holidays consist of me and my sister staying home with my dad watching football,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen has celebrated Christmas with her dad since she was a child, and she still has memories of what it was like.

“My dad took care of cooking Christmas dinner by himself and cleaned up the house to prepare for the party,” Nguyen said.

However, not all of her Christmases have been like this. There have been years where her mom did not have to work.

“Both of my parents stayed home and we’d cook and clean,” Nguyen said. “Just like now, but with my mom ordering all of us around.”

Nguyen is used to her mom working holidays, and has found ways to cope with Christmas.

“It feels empty without my mom sometimes when she’s not at the table, but it’s not that bad,” Nguyen said. “She calls us to make sure we’re not having too much fun with ourselves.”

Each year, Christmas time brings new traditions with these families. They learn new and different ways to celebrate.