Swim Team Holds High Expectations

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Swim Team Holds High Expectations

Braedon Harris, Reporter

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With the first meet under their belt, the swim team is expecting to do much better at competition this season.  Members of the swim team competed along with Garland High School against Bryan Adams Oct. 3 at the White Rock Pool in Dallas.  Both the boys’ and girls’ team had much better times overall than they had at the beginning of last year.

For the first couple of meets, the NG swim team does not compete alone.

“We compete with Garland,” senior Annie Thai said. “But by district, and at the bigger meets, we are separate teams.”

Garland is the only other school in the district that has a swim team.  Since there are only a small number of students competing on the teams, they all practice together.  Some members of the swim team, including sophomore Kelly Thai, said it’s a good setup.

“You get to know who your competition is,” Kelly said.

Both swimmers are hopeful that with the school district building the Natatorium in Rowlett other high schools, and even middle schools, will start their own swim team.

“It’s just us and Garland so far, but if we get the natatorium it will be all of the schools,” Annie said.  “It’s not fair that football can have six or seven football fields, and we can’t even get a decent pool.”

Although they are still traveling to practice at a pool in Richardson, team members are still making progress.  Multiple members of the swim team have said they feel more confident this year.

“Swimming is more individual, but we get scores together, depending on how well [we] did in [our] events,” Annie said.

Although more experienced teams from other schools have been added to their district competition, NG members still feel that they will be able to compete against them.

“I think that we will do better, but since we’re against a stronger district, we might not make it past district,” Annie said.

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