DIY Tassel Keychain


Katie Keovongphet, Reporter

This is a really simple DIY that doesn’t take too much time. It’s fun to do and a good way to pass time if you’re bored!

You will need beads, string/yarn, and a keyring for this DIY. In my opinion, larger beads look better, but any kind would be fine.
First, you will need to create a cow hitch knot with a 20 inch piece of string on the keyring.
Now you can put on beads! The beads should go through both strings, not just one.
Cut some string for the tassel. At least 20 strings is enough but feel free to use more than that. The length of the strings should be double the desired tassel length. Put the bunch of strings between the two original strings and tie two simple knots to secure it.
Tie another simple knot to create the neck of the tassel. Wrap this around the bunch tightly.
Finish the tassel neck by tying another simple knot using the end of the string. Trim the loose ends and the keychain is done!