Movie Review: Is Coraline Worth Watching?


Coraline, Laika Pandemonium Films

Iveth Vanegas, Reporter

Due to the quarantine that has taken place during this outbreak, my free time has increased and I find myself looking for activities to take up time. I decided to take this time and take a trip down memory lane and rewatch the amazing animation film that we all know and love. Coraline is a family movie released in 2009 directed by American director Henry Selick and written by British author Neil Gaiman. Henry Selick is an American stop motion director, producer and writer who is known for directing movies such as “The Nightmare of Christmas” and much more. The beautifully animated movie revolves around the main character, Coraline, who finds an unexpected door while exploring her new home. 

In the movie, the door leads Coraline, voiced by Dakota Fanning, to an alternate yet similar world except it’s better in many different ways. At first, Coraline prefers this world over her other life but soon she realizes that her other mother is not who she seems and that life isn’t as perfect either. She goes through an adventure as she attempts to rescue the other victims of her other mother, all while also finding and saving her parents. 

During quarantine, I had the urge to rewatch this film because of its alluring soundtrack. Some songs include “Dreaming,” written by Bruno Coulais and “Sirens of the Sea,” by Michele Mariana. The movie pleasantly incorporates the music throughout the movie in a way that has you humming the tune hours after watching it. The spooky soundtrack sets the mood accurately for the unexpected horror scenes, and it keeps you on your toes. The horror adds to the movie and makes it more entertaining for me, because it’s more than just afamily movie. 

According to Forbes,, Coraline took $60 million to make and made $125 million in profit. It’s no surprise that the movie made more than two times it took to make considering it has almost a 5 star rating on Google. A review on Google by Lizzie Snow says that no matter how many times she watches it, it never gets old. She adds on by saying that the animation is beautiful and the storyline has many themes and lessons that can be learned from it. 

Coralline has won many awards, some including BAFTA Children’s Award for best feature film, AFI Awards for movie of the year and many more, according to IMDB. The movie was unique and unlike any other animation movie made before, I would definitely recommend others to watch this movie. It can make you cry, smile, and laugh all at the same time. It’s worth your time and can make your quarantine more entertaining.