DIY Sharpie Mugs


Paola Hernandez Olvera, Co-editor-in-Chief

Have you been looking for a perfect mug to add to your collection, but can’t find just the right one? Maybe you’re just looking for something crafty to do whilst in quarantine. Look no further, because here’s three easy steps to making your own DIY Sharpie mug.

You will need: A ceramic mug, oil-based permanent markers, stencils (optional).
Step One: After deciding on a design, use a stencil or a pencil to sketch out and place where you want the final product.
Step Two: Draw your design onto the mug with the markers. After finishing the design, set aside to dry for 10 minutes.
Step Three: Bake the mug at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, in order to set the paint. After taking them out, let the mugs cool down completely.
You’re all done with your mug! Enjoy coffee, tea, or any other beverage in them. Just note: these mugs are not dishwasher safe, and they do need to be hand-washed instead!