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How To: Acrylic Flow Painting

Braedon, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Braedon Harris
Gather all of the supplies for the project. Choose the desired number of paint colors and a canvas. You will also need glue, water, gloves and individual cups to hold the each paint color.

Braedon Harris
Pour each color of paint into its own cup. After this, add a small amount of glue. The glue is added to make the paint a little thicker and able to stick to the canvas. There should be more paint than glue in order to have the right texture.

Braedon Harris
Add a small amount of water to each cup and stir. Stir until the paint, glue and water have all been mixed.

Braedon Harris
Pour all of the mixed paints into one container. Next, slowly empty the paint onto the canvas. It may help to put the canvas on top of the containers opening and then slowly turn them both over together.

Braedon Harris
Turn the canvas around to spread the paint. Continue to do this until the paint has covered the entire canvas. It may help to have a box, cardboard or towel under the canvas to catch the paint that drips off.

Braedon Harris
Finally, make sure all areas of the canvas have been covered. Leave the painting out to dry overnight and start your next project.

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Braedon Harris, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2019.  I'm In MST and the Engineering program.  I didn't even choose to be in Newspaper, but it turned out pretty good.

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