Adopt a GISD Senior Effort Launched Amidst Coronavirus Shutdown

Paola Hernandez Olvera, Co-editor-in-Chief

For many high school seniors around the nation, their senior year experience has been unexpectedly impacted. The novel coronavirus has caused schools around the nation to close for the rest of the school year, forcing school activities like prom, senior picnics, and graduations to be cancelled or postponed.

The cancelled or postponed events have left many high school seniors devastated. Seeing the devastated seniors, GISD parent Barbara Gonzales decided to start the Facebook page “Adopt a SR!! (Garland ISD)” for GISD parents and seniors. The page allows for parents or guardians to post a biography and a few pictures of their high school seniors, and for members of the community to “adopt” them and send the seniors a surprise graduation gift.

“I love seeing the seniors’ smiles when they get their gifts,” Gonzales said. “The comments the community sends to myself and my team makes it all worth it.”

When Gonzales first started the page, she didn’t expect it to gather as much attention as it now has, with over 150 weekly posts by the page’s members on average.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never ran a page before,” Gonzales said. “It was just an idea that I threw out there and it caught on very quick.”

Since the start of the GISD “Adopt a SR!!” page, the growth in popularity of the page prompted Gonzales and her team of page administrators to start similar pages for other school districts.

“Approximately 870 seniors have been adopted,” Gonzales said. “We always have more coming in. However, that’s only for our Garland page. Across all 6 groups we probably have around 3000 total.”

When a senior on the page is adopted, the adopter gets in contact with the senior’s parents and they exchange information, like the senior’s likes, dislikes, and address for gift delivery. Gonzales said that she remembers her senior year was fun, and she feels bad that their year was cut short, but she encourages them to move forward.

“You might have lost out on some of your senior year, but your class will forever be remembered by everyone,” Gonzales said. “You are a special group and we know you will do great things for generations to come.”