The Endgame, But Not Really


Paola Hernandez Olvera, Reporter

At the beginning of the year, I walked into the JLab feeling more ready than ever to start my second year on the newspaper staff. Sophomore year hadn’t been a piece of cake, but it also wasn’t the worst thing ever, which is part of what I loved- the challenge. I was confident that the experience from last year would prepare me for whatever tasks were thrown my way this year. In my mind, I had become a better writer with better time management skills and knowledge of most things in newspaper. However, I was taken aback when photo assignments, stories and deadlines piled to a brim on my desk. I was at a loss, confused and, frankly, a bit sad that my expectations for the beginning of the year weren’t being met.

I was trying to figure out what the problem with my progress was until it hit me: I had improved my time management skills with the tasks and activities of my sophomore year, but I hadn’t considered the new activity I was starting this year, which is Color Guard. Although time-consuming, I love Color Guard, so as soon as I figured out my dilemma, I tried my best to reorganize my schedule in order to get back on track in newspaper. After many attempts to set my schedule straight, I finally figured it out.

Since then, I can say that I have improved greatly as a writer, I’m more confident when interviewing people, and I’m a better reporter overall. I’m still working on my photography skills, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into.

This year I’ve grown a lot more than I did my sophomore year, and I have my adviser, Ms. Williamson and Co-Editor-in-Chiefs, Riley and Braedon, to thank for it. My transitions in stories have always been lengthy, but this year I have learned how to condense them, my AP Style has improved greatly when it comes to numbers, and I believe that the endless amount of help and support that they have given not only me but the rest of the staff, has really contributed to my growth over the past two years.

As I end my second year in newspaper with three print issues of the Raider Echo released, every time I walk into the JLab I can say that I feel more confident than I was the class before. I have grown not only as a reporter but as a person. However, I’m not going to stop there because if there’s one thing newspaper has taught me, it’s that there’s always more room for growth. For now, I’m happy with the changes I’ve gone through this year, and I am patiently waiting for all that my third year on the Raider Echo staff, my senior year, has in store for me.